The Third Annual “Zen 2.0” Global Zen & Mindfulness Forum  in “Mindful City” Kamakura, the Heart of Japanese Zen

September 14, 2019




On September 21st and 22nd, 2019, the Zen 2.0 Foundation will convene Zen 2.0 – the Third Annual Global Mindfulness Forum in Kamakura, in the Heart of Japanese Zen – Kencho-ji Temple, the first temple in Japan dedicated to Zen training.

The 2019 theme of Zen 2.0 is “Connectedness”. We live in a digital age where we are constantly chased by social media and overflowing with information, and we tend to lose attention on the important connections we have with the people that matter to us, including the connection to ourselves. Through lectures from our guest speakers, as well as our various hands-on events and workshops, we aim for participants to reclaim these truly precious connections, as well as provide an opportunity to nurture new ones, bringing together speakers, instructors, and participants from various walks of life internationally.

We have internationally-recognized guest speakers lined up such as Steven Murphy Shigematsu, Stanford University professor/psychologist of Wellness Education, Gengo Akiba, Head priest at Ryu-unji Temple and Tenpyozan in North California, Phra Yuki Naradevo, deputy Chief Priest at Watpa Sukato in Thailand, and Dr. Jeffery A. Martin, Co-founder of Transformative Technology Lab in Sillicon Valley.

■What is Zen 2.0 Global Forum?
Zen2.0 Global Forum has been held every year since 2017, as we believe that as our societies become developed and abundant with materials and services, “the evolution of human mind and heart will create real value in our future society.”

Mindfulness, which has now been attracting attention worldwide, is rooted in Zen from Japan.
We hold this Zen and Mindfulness Global Forum in the birthplace of Japanese Zen and the largest of the Kamakura Zen Temples to communicate the wisdom of Zen and Mindfulness.

In Japan, the principle of concentrating one’s heart and mind on the “here and now” – a core principle of mindfulness – has long existed in many forms of traditional culture, the arts, and martial arts, thanks to the role played by Zen Buddhism.

We also aim to position Kamakura as an international Mindful City with our “Mindful City Kamakura” project, making it a center for learning for the purpose of increasing love and compassion, concentration, creativity, stress recovery, Emotional Intelligence.

Date: September 21st (Saturday), September 9 (Sunday), 2018, 9:00am – 6:00pm
Venue: Kencho-ji & Kamakura Gakuen
Address: 8 Yamanouchi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken 〒247-8525
Fee: 2-day ticket: ¥21,000; September 21st only: ¥15,000; September 22nd only: ¥15,000
(Kamakura resident discounts available)
Host: Zen 2.0 Foundation (co-founders: Kouji Miki, Mikio Shishido)
To purchase tickets, please visit:

■ Internationally renowned guest speakers (25 speakers in total)
• Gengo Akiba Roshi Head priest of Ryu-unji Temple and Zen Teacher in North America
• Takashi Maeno  Keio University Graduate School professor, researcher of Happiness
• Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu Stanford Univ professor/psychologist of Wellness Education
• Dr. Jeffery A.Martin Co-Founder Transformative Technology Lab
• Kaname Hayashi GrooveX CEO, creating LOVOT, robot powered by love, designee PEPPER
• Issho Fujita Zen Master, and Director of the Soto Zen International Center in Massachusetts
• Junya Ogino CEO, Mindful Leadership Institute offering SIY(Search Inside Yourself) program
• Keerthana Mariappan Art of Living Instructor, Deutschebank Director
• Kakuho Aoe Chief Priest and cooking monk at Jodo-shinshu Ryokusenji Temple, CEO of Nakamichi, providing “Blind Restaurant”
• Sister Kathleen Reiley Catholic Maryknoll sister teaching Zazen, counselor at the National Cancer Center Hospital
… and more – practitioners from diverse fields such as education, management, art, music, yoga, dance, mindfulness retreats, and more.

■ Experiential Contents
◎ Zazen(Seated Meditation) Experience
◎ Body work
◎ Yoga
◎ Mindful Eating
◎ Zen x Tea Ceremony
◎ Speaker x Participants Dialogue

■ Other information
Zen 2.0 forum 2019 official website (Japanese) (English)
Video digest of 2018 Zen 2.0

■ About Kencho-ji
Zen 2.0 has been held at the 760-year-old historic venue of Kencho-ji, the head temple of the Kenchoji branch of the Rinzai school of Zen.

Anyone who sets foot onto the holy ground of Kencho-ji can really feel the refreshing atmosphere contained within, and that it possesses incredible energy.

The whistling of the pure wind, the rustling of leaves carried by the breeze, and the chirping of birds all blow through the halls of Kencho-ji.

■About the Zen 2.0 Foundation
The Zen 2.0 Foundation is based in Kamakura. Its primary aim is to expand and develop the various forms of mindfulness culture and practice flourishing in Japan, to foster dialogue amongst practitioners of Zen and mindfulness, and to contribute to the global mindfulness movement.

■ About Mindful City Kamakura
The foundation aims to contribute to the revitalization of the Shonan region, including Kamakura, by building a foundation of mindfulness-based education and business. We envision “Mindful City Kamakura” to play a significant role in the future economic growth of Japan and the world.


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