Made In Japan: Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics

August 26, 2019


For the last two years I have been heavily involved in supporting and promoting Japanese men’s rhythmic gymnastics. This uniquely powerful, artistic sport was invented here in Japan over 70 years ago and is practiced by approximately 2,000 gymnasts today. 

Unfortunately Japanese men’s RG is not recognized by international body FIG or the Olympics, so Japan is one of only a handful of countries that holds national men’s rhythmic gymnastics competitions.

To learn more about the sport, please check out my newspaper article published in 2017 with the collaboration of many top coaches around Japan (Ouen MRG kindly translated into Japanese as well!): Made In Japan: Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics

Since 2017, I have attended various competitions (including SASAKI CUP and All Japan) and practices as well as have assisted with proofreading English blog posts, writing articles, and proofreading English subtitles on videos for Ouen MRG, I hope to be able to attend All Japan Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Chiba this October (in 2017, I didn’t get any photos with teams and athletes… This year I want to get a lot of photos so I can create a memory photo book when I return home to the United States!!).

I have been blessed to receive a very warm welcome from many of the top coaches, fans, as well as parents and I am one of the very few foreign fans in Japan.

In August 2019, I returned to my friend’s’ gym at Kokushikan after a two-year absence to watch dress rehearsals for All Japan Inter-College Competition and you can read about my return visit here: The Most Magical Gym In Earth

Please join me in supporting my friends!! 😊✨


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