Hirobumi Ito Villa, Kanazawa 旧伊藤博文金沢別邸

July 21, 2019

Good morning from Hirobumi Ito Villa, the beautiful seaside home of Japan’s first prime minister (free admission!!)


This beautiful property only recently came to my attention and had been on my radar.

Located near Kanazawa Hakkei, it was my first time riding the Kanazawa Seaside line for one stop (Nojima Koen), and then about a six-minute walk. (you may remember seeing this train line in the news as it was previously entirely automated, but one of the cars reversed and rammed into the overrun  buffer at the end of the station, injuring about 30. Since then, the train is running at 60% normal capacity with human conductors). 

Outstandingly beautiful house and surroundings, unfortunately all of the signage / brochure is Japanese only. There is a wheelchair lift, which is great. They also offer green tea and sweets but it was too hot today!!

There are also very clean restrooms inside. 


I will definitely be back on a sunny day to photograph as the setting is gorgeous and the house and grounds are as well.

Ito Hirobumi Old Villa in Kanazawa
24 Nojimacho, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken 236-0025














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