Kyoto 京都 Day 3

December 26, 2010

I headed out, miracle of miracles, on the subway (turns out I'd been putting my pass in backwards...silly me, I followed the direction of the arrow on the pass!), and after a little backtracking, started out at Ginkakuji, the Silver Pavilion that was built by the grandson of the guy that built the Golden Pavilion as his private retirement villa. Unfortunately, money ran out, and the Silver Pavilion is decidedly non-silver in color, but beautiful nonetheless. It definitely had one of the most beautiful traditional Japanese gardens I've ever seen. There was a huge heron or egret wandering the garden, and I managed to get several good shots. I also made the acquaintance of a South Korean tourist that was spending a week in Kyoto, and we walked around the temple grounds for a while.













On the way back, I stopped at a shrine favored by ball players (baseball, soccer, etc.; there were donated autographed balls around the shrine) and then nipped into the Nishijin Textile Center, another tourist trap (they offer kimono shows and the opportunity to "rent out" kimonos) full of Chinese tourists. They did have weavers working on traditional looms, though, and a good selection of cotton kimono and yukata made in Japan (the Kyoto Handicraft Center sold a lot of "Made in China" yukata; I learned the kanji for "Made in Japan" fairly early).


My final stop was Kinkakuji, the gorgeous Golden Pavilion that's been the symbol of Kyoto for ages. It more than lived up to the hype, although you can't go inside and the grounds aren't nearly as plush as Ginkakuji.









































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